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Friday January 22, 2010 AM Post

More than the ground is shaking in Haiti today!! One of my friends reminded me that "80% of the cultural revival for Christ come out of tragedies like this." Well, there is a revival afoot in Haiti today! We are hearing many great stories of miracles and salvation.

Eddy was able to have a long conversation with Norma today. He relayed many stories of how God is working in the lives of Haitians. We will post some of the stories very soon.

For now, pray for the details of our trip to Haiti to come together. The need is great and the laborers are few. We know we will be traveling there soon. The logistics of this trip are difficult and must be worked out. Reinforcements are needed to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people in Haiti today! Although we do not have exact dates, we know it will be very soon. We cannot wait!! They cannot wait!! They are not alone. We will not forget them!

Thursday January 21, 2010 AM Post

Our Church building in Haiti
(the picture did not load completely)

OK, after many people suggesting it, we finally have a blog. It's tough to commit the time, but it's also hard to keep everyone updated with the most recent news and events. So, here it is!

First, thank you to everyone who is offering support and donations right now. We will get to each of you and please know that your help will be needed!! Pray for the people of Haiti!


We have heard from almost everyone. They are alive and so are their families. Answered prayers! There is still have no word from Daniel, please pray that he is safe and can contact us soon.

We don't know a lot about the condition of "things". There is a lot of conflicting information. We do know that the church was destroyed in the quake. We got the top half of a photo showing the devastation. Maybe it's good we only saw half of it! (see above picture)

Current Events:

We received an e-mail yesterday from Pastor Eddy here is some of what it says "people are saying we need Jesus! Help us Jesus!"

Eddy is preaching in the streets. 25 were saved last night and some the night before. God has been working overtime in Haiti!! So many miracles are breaking out daily/hourly in Haiti! We thank God for all he is doing.

Western Union is now open. We were able to wire money today to buy food!! Western Union isn't charging any fees for a few days!! Great news on our limited budget!!

Please remember the website. Go and donate, pass this along to everyone!!! to donate online, send checks or learn more about JoyHouse!!

More on our upcoming trip soon!