Gressier, Haiti

Founded in 1996, our mission is building young champions for Jesus Christ!

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Here is a photo of the work Monday July 18, 2011. They are pouring the floor for the church and laying blocks!

The photo above is of the ladies on the Neosho Fellowship Baptist Church team washing the feet of the young women in Haiti. The youth of the Neosho Fellowship Baptist Church had the vision for this. What an amazing tool for Evangelism. What a ministry! We saw 12 young women accept Jesus through this ministry. They gave over 90pedicures.

We go in Jesus Name ,

Saturday July 16, 2011 Update

The last few days were busy at JoyHouse. The construction crew built and painted a wall around the washer. Today was laundry day for the ladies. Its amazing how dirty clothing can get in Haiti.

There is some sort of electrical problem that came as quite a "shock." We are glad that Joe will be here in a few days to handle that.

Yesterday, several of the team went out hut to hut evangelizing and passing out tickets for the evenings events of worship, soccer, and pedicures. Most of the team went to the Daniel Project today where we were blessed to be able to love on babies, play with children, help with medical checkups and share the gospel.

Later, the men went out looking for young boys to play soccer with. We find them more receptive to hearing the message after building a bond on the field. Last night, two young men there accepted christ. Tonight, many others were presented with the good news.

The ladies continued ministering to the young women through the flip flop ministry. The young Haitian women were pampered with a pedicure, new flip flops, the gospel, and a message about purity.

Norma says this is the first time that has been done and it has just drawn the women here. What a humbling and fulfilling opportunity. Wow! Pray for these girls, the cost of following Christ is high for them and they have such huge decisions to make. They really count the cost here, and rightly so.

Jewlene said, contrary to Buddy's sermon series "They just get it" here. Tonight, three ladies accepted christ and last night there were nine salvations . Only to his glory.

Please continue to pray, Satan certainly is a roaring lion, but also a defeated foe.
Salvations to date: 22. Praise be to God.

Tuesday July 12, 2011 Preparing for the New Team

Yesterday was a day on the road in traffic. We had construction materials to buy. Got home about 6 pm.

Here is a touch from God Joe. The bank has been giving a problem about the exchange rate. I finally got it settled! Just the right person was there at just the right time (must have been luck since I have been talking to God about it for a while)! Just kidding I don't believe in luck either.

We did not eat all day but I had a bag of beef jerky. I told the crew with me that cowboys and mountain men lived on beef jerky and water. They were not impressed! I think they were afraid I was getting ready to change the menu at JoyHouse! Besides that, none of them but Roland knew exactly what a cowboy or mountain man was!

Today I went to the market. That is always interesting. The boy at the exit door spent 30 minutes checking my receipt. When I complained he said he was "doing it for me". I am still trying to figure out how it helped me, but I said thank you. As I left I pondered why in Haiti this helps me to stand in heat while he goes over my receipt and lets 20 other people go, then starts over because he loses his place. But thank goodness he did it for me or I would be complaining! Ah Haiti, you gotta' love it.

We go in Jesus Name,

Wednesday July 13, 2011 Update The new team arrives!

I missed Princess today. She always cries to go to the airport. Whenever possible I take her.

It was so cute last time I took a team. It was 5:30am she was up, dressed, had her little backpack and her sippy cup waiting when I came out of my room! She looked at me and said " airport le?" How could anyone refuse that? I had told her the night before she could go but it was really early.

Joe here is my touch from Jesus today.It was really hot and some kind of gnat was thick at the airport today. I never saw that before but it was uncomfortable setting there. Before I knew what had happened,Daniel had me by the hand,(he had recently starting seeing a beautiful girl), and took me to introduce me to the main customs officer. She was his girlfriend's sister!

Hold on to your hat, God really does a show here. She took me by the hand, took me inside the main AIR CONDITIONED customs office and got me a comfortable chair, and told Daniel she would come for me when the team got there!! I said out loud " Amazing love how can it be that you, my King did this for me!" Daniel smiled.

She got us, took our custom slips and sent us through without even stopping!! The team was glad to see us inside they were a little unsure of what to do. I told all the boys later they needed to stand up when Daniel came into the room. They did not buy into that!

It rained on the way home. It is much cooler. The team is wonderful! They are so excited! They were saying " That was awesome" about the battling through the mess at the airport. That was a good sign! It is going to be a great week.

We go in Jesus Name.

Thursday July 14, 2011

Well the first day of ministry was great! 3 accepted Christ.

The best sight I have seen was about 20 showing up from the Church to go out with our Pastor of Evangelism!! Thank God they are growing measurably. You can see the change from month to month.

What a beautiful Team. They are trying so hard to do everything right. They are so humble and want to serve.

The Haitians going out with the Americans teaching kids all at the same time, this mountain rocked for the Kingdom today.

The ladies went out with Daniel today and loved that! The sweet pastor Buddy and his wife Casey are doing a great job.

Casey is so touched by the kids she cries often. We had a man show up with a terrible wound today. This happens a lot when teams are here. Some of the ladies treated it and bandaged it and sent him home with bandages to change it .

We had around 240 kids for our VBS. We are all very tired today but I am loving this team!

We Go In Jesus Name,