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Tuesday July 12, 2011 Preparing for the New Team

Yesterday was a day on the road in traffic. We had construction materials to buy. Got home about 6 pm.

Here is a touch from God Joe. The bank has been giving a problem about the exchange rate. I finally got it settled! Just the right person was there at just the right time (must have been luck since I have been talking to God about it for a while)! Just kidding I don't believe in luck either.

We did not eat all day but I had a bag of beef jerky. I told the crew with me that cowboys and mountain men lived on beef jerky and water. They were not impressed! I think they were afraid I was getting ready to change the menu at JoyHouse! Besides that, none of them but Roland knew exactly what a cowboy or mountain man was!

Today I went to the market. That is always interesting. The boy at the exit door spent 30 minutes checking my receipt. When I complained he said he was "doing it for me". I am still trying to figure out how it helped me, but I said thank you. As I left I pondered why in Haiti this helps me to stand in heat while he goes over my receipt and lets 20 other people go, then starts over because he loses his place. But thank goodness he did it for me or I would be complaining! Ah Haiti, you gotta' love it.

We go in Jesus Name,

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