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Living Hope Baptist Church Bryan, TX June 24, 2011

We are so grateful for Living Hope Baptist Church of Bryan, Texas.

Once again they are a spiritual Machine. Teaching a leadership conference is difficult. But throw in a kids klub, pastors conference, hut to hut evangelism and on site construction and WOW!

What an aroma of Holy Spirit activity!! The group is happy and ready to go! The work is intense, but rewarding. They have groups, group leaders plus intense group planning and debrief meetings everyday.

I lay in bed and listen to the praise worship they finish with each day. So wonderful.

We have 118 in the leadership training. We have averaged 220 each day in Kids Klub and around 35 in pastors bible class.

We go in Jesus name,

Tuesday June 21, 2011 Photo

This is the youth leaders. While teaching the leadership class, there was a big rain. They used a tarp and the truck to make a shelter and finish the leadership class.

Wednesday June 15 2011 **Church Construction**

Roy is here overseeing the building of the church! We love Roy Downs and his faithful, humble spirit.

The Haitian workers work so well for him. One is trying to act like him. Wearing his hat like Roy and putting a pencil behind his ear like Roy. He is the "Boss" over the workers and he tries give instruction like Roy. They call him "General Roy".

Pray Roy and all will stay healthy in this heat!The housing expo is going on today. Pray for Keith,Chad,Charley,and Lucy as they are way north of Port AU Prince at the show and will come here tonight. Pray that all the prep for the next team will be blessed.

I meet with the Church leaders to set the plan in place. Now, for the first time, I am depending on them to execute it. Pray God will fall on this team and it will come together. That the church will be very fruitful with the work they are doing.

The mosquitoes are relentless. My legs are on fire with bites and heat combo.
I went out to expo and they swarmed like dive bombers there.

Our Missionary Intern Brittney is great! Pray for her! The mosquitoes love her too.

The team will arrive Saturday pray the JH team will get a second wind physically and great filling of the Holy Spirit!

More later
We go in Jesus Name,

Monday June 13, 2011 Update

It was another amazing day. The heat has come on us today like terrorist. It's the hottest day I have seen so far this year!

God worked in church today in spite of confusion and heat. I hardly know how to explain what happened. I have been weepy, and had to get my composure to even write to you about it!

Here is my view...we have prayed for the church, teams have focused on teaching and training and today was a day like when thousands went forward to go on a mission trip 2012 at Cross Church!

The pastor said "It is time for the church to rise up and commit to winning Haiti for Jesus. Stop living in your own fears and failings and rise up for Jesus!" He said "Anyone who is ready to move out and will commit to spending 30 minutes a day witnessing to a lost person, come forward." At least 90 percent of the church went forward!!!!

He said "We pastors have to start preaching for response to the living word and not settle for less!!!" This is a result of pastor Donnie's teaching this week. I am a little overwhelmed and humbled by it all.

All I can say is it is an awesome thing to be in the wake of a movement of our Holy God!!!


June 10, 2011 Thank You Mena, Arkansas!

Today was a sad day. It's always sad when a team leaves. I always wish I had more time.

They were a group of first timers that performed like pros! Thank you Mena Arkansas and Haiti thanks you too!!

The are so young and energetic. I know that some scared, but they went out and did what they were here to do! God showed up and blessed this team! They were an evangelism machine!!Over 400 salvations.

It was a tough schedule. We are worn out, but it was fruitful. They were amazing!
More about the sports camp, pastors teaching,later! Much happened here at Joyhouse!!!

This week, we had 543 at the Kids revival where over 100 kids raised their hand to accept Christ!!

Grace,amazing grace, I have so much to talk about!!!
We go in Jesus name,

Yahoo News Article from June 7 2011 PM

At least 23 killed in floods, mudslides in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Heavy rain hammered southern Haiti for a seventh straight day Tuesday, triggering floods and mudslides and causing houses and shanties in the capital to collapse. The official death toll was 23 but could rise as remnants of the storm lingered.

Runoff from the rain sent rivers surging and flooded many homes as people scrambled to their rooftops. The slow-moving storm system also toppled trees and debris blocked streets throughout the capital.

At least 23 people were killed and more than a dozen injured, said Edgar Joseph, a spokesman for Haiti's Civil Protection Department. Most of the deaths were in Port-au-Prince and they included two who died over the weekend, he said.

Thirteen people died in Petionville, a hillside city southeast of downtown Port-au-Prince, Joseph said. In one incident, a concrete house slid down a ravine and crashed into several smaller homes.

A 53-year-old man, Jean Wildor Charutis, said his older sister and a niece died in the large house that crashed down the ravine. "There was so much rain it shook the house," he said as he and government rescue workers searched for survivors.

The storm system has saturated much of the Caribbean in recent days, with flooding reported in the neighboring Dominican Republic as well as in Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Authorities reported two deaths in the Dominican Republic and one in Jamaica to the weather.

Civil defense authorities in the Dominican Republic said 25 homes were destroyed and more than 8,400 people were evacuated. The dead included a 13-year-old boy who was swept away and drowned while watching a river swell near Santo Domingo.

In Haiti, the week of pounding rain has deepened the misery for tens of thousands of people living in the tent-and-tarp settlements that sprung up after the January 2010 earthquake. Aid groups have warned that the wet weather could worsen a cholera outbreak that has killed more than 5,300 people since October.

Michel Davison, a coordinator for the International Desk of the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, said satellite data indicate that rain drenched Haiti along the border with the Dominican Republic for at least six hours Monday night, dumping between four to six inches.

"That's a fairly intense rainfall amount," Davison said in a phone interview. "That's been happening now for five, seven days. The ground is so saturated at this point that it doesn't take much to produce floods."

Davison said Haiti will see more rain Wednesday, but should get a much-needed reprieve later the week.

Two children died and three others were injured in the Nazon neighborhood in Port-au-Prince after the wall of a home fell on them, according to the Civil Protection Department.

Meanwhile, hospitals saw an influx of patients.

Doctors at a hospital run by the Miami aid group Project Medishare treated at least 10 people for injuries, including a puncture wound, said Gabriele Denis, a hospital administrator. Aid group Doctors Without Borders treated at least 10 people, many of them injured when walls fell on them, said Sylvain Groulx, chief of mission for Doctors Without Borders.

Haiti's newly elected President Michel Martelly took to national television just before midnight to calm the nation as the storm was still passing over the city. "This message is to tell the population that I'm with you," the president said.

Martelly ordered government construction workers to show up to work early Tuesday to help remove debris.

Rains earlier this week prompted the government and international aid groups to evacuate dozens of families who live around the overflowing Lake Azuei.


Associated Press writers Pierre-Richard Luxama in Port-au-Prince, Howard Campbell in Jamaica and Ezequiel Lopez in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, contributed to this report.

June 7 2011

So much going on! I really do not where to start!
Yesterday the evangelism teams went out had 58 accept Christ. Pastor Donnie went to a school with about 300 students. We had 30 salvations.

We started the sports camp and over 300 showed up!! They had 40+ salvations - not an exact count. We did not get all the names in the confusion.

At 4:30 we began evening ministry pastors conference, great session!! Bible Study had about 60 and over 100 kids showed up but did not have a study planned for them!

We see the Spirit moving so much there is passion over this team like I have not seem before!

God is good! Glory to His name!
We have had sickness and we have had accidents close calls but not serious! I have seen a sluggish Haitian team pull it together!! My patience has stayed in check (a miracle)!! I am having such a great time, maybe the time at home really helped!!

Miss u - keep praying it really does make a difference!!!!!

We go in Jesus name
That Name that causes demons to tremble