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June 7 2011

So much going on! I really do not where to start!
Yesterday the evangelism teams went out had 58 accept Christ. Pastor Donnie went to a school with about 300 students. We had 30 salvations.

We started the sports camp and over 300 showed up!! They had 40+ salvations - not an exact count. We did not get all the names in the confusion.

At 4:30 we began evening ministry pastors conference, great session!! Bible Study had about 60 and over 100 kids showed up but did not have a study planned for them!

We see the Spirit moving so much there is passion over this team like I have not seem before!

God is good! Glory to His name!
We have had sickness and we have had accidents close calls but not serious! I have seen a sluggish Haitian team pull it together!! My patience has stayed in check (a miracle)!! I am having such a great time, maybe the time at home really helped!!

Miss u - keep praying it really does make a difference!!!!!

We go in Jesus name
That Name that causes demons to tremble


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