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Graduation Day March 17, 2011

There are no words to express this graduation service! I could not fight back the tears as I saw these women I love so much, some who cannot read or write, so excited. Some of them were even holding the certificates upside down.

The joy in that church graduation service was electric!!!!! It was worth it all and more. I am so exhausted I cannot wait for my shower.....but it was blessed and Holy Spirit filled!

Thank you all for praying us through. What a wonderful adventurous team of people. They have been willing to go with us into deep waters where none have gone. Sadly, the team leaves tomorrow.

Haiti is changed some because they stepped in uncharted waters with us and let God do His thing!

Today the Haitians went out with the Americans and souls were brought into the Kingdom of God. They were able to put into action all the things they had learned this week. What a joy!

We go in Jesus Name.


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  1. How exciting!!!!!!! It sounds like I better take a deep breath and get a comfy spot on the couch to sit and listen to all the things God has shown Mark, Brynn, and Rachel. Of course, that's after I peel a ton of our kids off of them!

    I'm praying they make their flight today, with all of the Aristide stuff going on there.

    I know you're incredibly busy, but these blog updates are so wonderful for those of us keeping you in prayer - even in the times when we don't have a team there.

    We love you all,