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Wednesday July 13, 2011 Update The new team arrives!

I missed Princess today. She always cries to go to the airport. Whenever possible I take her.

It was so cute last time I took a team. It was 5:30am she was up, dressed, had her little backpack and her sippy cup waiting when I came out of my room! She looked at me and said " airport le?" How could anyone refuse that? I had told her the night before she could go but it was really early.

Joe here is my touch from Jesus today.It was really hot and some kind of gnat was thick at the airport today. I never saw that before but it was uncomfortable setting there. Before I knew what had happened,Daniel had me by the hand,(he had recently starting seeing a beautiful girl), and took me to introduce me to the main customs officer. She was his girlfriend's sister!

Hold on to your hat, God really does a show here. She took me by the hand, took me inside the main AIR CONDITIONED customs office and got me a comfortable chair, and told Daniel she would come for me when the team got there!! I said out loud " Amazing love how can it be that you, my King did this for me!" Daniel smiled.

She got us, took our custom slips and sent us through without even stopping!! The team was glad to see us inside they were a little unsure of what to do. I told all the boys later they needed to stand up when Daniel came into the room. They did not buy into that!

It rained on the way home. It is much cooler. The team is wonderful! They are so excited! They were saying " That was awesome" about the battling through the mess at the airport. That was a good sign! It is going to be a great week.

We go in Jesus Name.

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