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Friday, July 23, 2010 Living Hope Baptist Church

The team from Living Hope Baptist Church in College Station, TX was with us again
June 19- 26th. In the past, we have written about this group. We were delighted to work with them again. They are such a joy! We cannot adequately express what this group means to us. They have the joy of the Lord and a heart for Haiti!!

We can think of no greater blessing than the love and support God has provided since the earthquake.I can't believe it has been over 6 months. There have been many people passing through the doors of JoyHouse, and when you watch the video, you will know, we hope we continue to see this team for many years to come!

I have included a link below of the video done by this group. Please take the time to watch this special presentation. What a wonderful and moving testimony of the work that this team, and many others are doing in Haiti!


  1. i think i tear up every single time i read a new post...i love hearing what is going on and who is doing well and doing great things! I miss you all SO much! tell matthew i say he's a "cloon" =)
    lots of love, cristine

    p.s. i am currently reading "radical" right now, always makes me think of you!

  2. You have no idea how many times your name comes up in conversation at LH. We pray God will continue to allow our involvement with the ministry of JoyHouse over and over and over. We are deeply in love with the Haitian people and see God using you tremendously to share Truth with them. Thank you for allowing us that opportunity.

    Much love,

    Melodi Henry

  3. I think it's time for another post from Joy House! We want to hear what's going on in your ministry. I know Living Hope has a team there again right now, and you have no idea how I long to be there with them!!!

    Melodi Henry