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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where does the time go? Norma returned safely from Haiti on Thursday!! We never want to take that for granted! She is off again soon bringing more teams to Haiti for work on transitional housing and other construction and ministry projects.

The Haitian women who help with the cooking are so wonderful. I have included a few photos so that you can see what a faithful group they are. These are all photos of them singing praises during the week of Prayer and Fasting for Haiti.

Sorry there has been some silence since the last writing. It has been a difficult time personally.
There are so many challenges in our world today. It's hard to think of a single person that isn't struggling in some way today.

It's not that we don't trust God, it would just be nice to get a 30 day notice on some of the things that are about to happen in our lives! We think we are on the right track and BOOM, just like that, derailed!

This week I will pray for Faith! I was reading some notes from a sermon I heard in college (along time ago). The pastor said " If you don't know your ministry, you better find out through prayer and study". If you do, here are some keys to success.

1. By faith we receive our ministry
2. By faith we perceive our ministry
3. By faith we achieve our ministry

There are two ways to do things. We can do them in the spirit or in the flesh! But, there is only one way to achieve our ministry, through faith! I think about Pastor Benito when I think of faith. I recall giving him money to buy food for his family and when he gave it all away, I said "but what are you going to do for food?" He said "God will provide." That's faith!

Whether you are with a group that is planning on attending or has already attended, you are probably wondering about your ministry as it relates to Haiti. Here is our advice, pray, study and bring your faith!

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  1. Thank you for being so honest and for that word of advice. It would so pointless for us to do a lot of preparation for our trip without praying and studying for God to show us what HE wants us to do in Haiti. Quite a few of us on the team have had to have faith that God will provide the money for our cost of our trip, and God has blown us away with each story of how He has done/is doing that. THAT is one of the many faith-builders as a team member. I can't even begin to imagine the things you have to do on faith in your role. I look forward to our team coming alongside you for a short time.

    Melodi Henry