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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am sitting here with my coffee reflecting as I look out over the valley. The scene is so peaceful.

I see a man riding a bike, birds flying around and the sea is calm. It's a great day!

I see the temporary church. I remember all the work the teams have done. From the Texas and Oklahoma teams that helped demo the old church, to the Arkansas teams that helped build a new temporary place to worship, we are thankful to you all!

I am looking toward going home-but when I get their I will be looking toward coming back. Going home to Arkansas is like a short vacation and then, back to work!

I told Eddy yesterday that home is not here in Haiti or there in Arkansas, my heart is both places, but my eyes are on my eternal home. I am restless for that home!

I am so grateful to God for the Haitian team He brought together for JoyHouse. They each have such unique gifts. Each of them does what is asked without fail! I am watching Charley as he goes through the tools organizing them. Maggie and the other women are starting the massive pile of laundry. Lucy refills the fridge with water. Fito is picking up the grounds. Francie takes the trash to burn. Eddy and Matthew have gone to deliver the team safely back to Florida house. Reginald is meeting church members outside to deal with whatever issues and concerns they bring.

I reflect how far we have come. At one time, we would have had to tell each one of them to do what they just know they must do now. The struggle isn't as great. The pace is less hectic today. It is a very good day, in a "lazy day" kind of way.

JoyHouse, under the power of the Holy Spirit, has made a difference! I am witnessing the difference today as I see each one doing what he is to do with the joy of the Lord on their faces.

Thank you all for your part in making JoyHouse a reality. Because of this, they can live with peace and full stomachs. More later.

We go in Jesus name.


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