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Friday, April 30, 2010 Update for the Week

Last week we were able to finish 6 transitional houses. We still have the funds to do another 2! That is great news for the 8 families that will have a safe and dry place to stay at night! What a difference that will make! Thank you to all the contributions and contributors so far. Your gift is changing lives. We pray you will be blessed!

The news of revivals, salvations, discipleship and transitional housing are blessings indeed! We are so grateful for all God is doing through the JoyHouse Ministry! We have certainly met some lovely Chirstians these past few weeks. We know that will continue throughout the summer months too.

The weather is getting hotter every day. The Haiti heat can make you tired really quick. Pray for continued health and strength for the people working here throughout the summer.

There are a few nights every week where it rains so hard, everyone gets wet. Even those brave enough to stay indoors battle the elements! Haiti can be a challenge, but there are so many rewards!

It's so important to see and hear the things that are happening there. We are trying to keep you updated with as many facts about the work as possible. We want everyone to remember and to pray for what God is doing here. Please pray that others will not lose enthusiasm for what is happening here. We don't want this opportunity to be lost on folks as they go about their everyday lives. While much has been accomplished, there is so much more left to do.

The fields are white with the harvest of souls with eternal needs.
The problem is the laborers aren't ready for the deeds.
So, Father, make us ready for all there is to do.
Help us be prepared so that others may know You!
Our prayer is that we are ready. We heard God's call to Haiti a long time ago. We still hear it today in the sounds of the morning, the busy people throughout the day and the most of all in the evenings! The Haitian evening is a glow of fires burning in the far off fields, the sounds of revival in the night air, the stars shining so brightly overhead, and in the laughter (and the occasional rooster) from the ones fortunate enough to be here and be a part of this beautiful place! The blessings are ours!

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