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Monday, April 26, 2010 Update from last week

Pastor Edwards and his team from Mena, Arkansas were so helpful during the time they spent here at JoyHouse. The group was really focused on discipleship and evangelism. They have ministered to everyone in the compound. Pastor Edwards has expressed a desire to continue to disciple the pastors in our group. We are so excited that he has committed to this effort. It is an answered prayer for us to have someone help lead these pastors.

We had over 200 salvations last week. As teams went into the field, ministering to both the physical and spiritual needs of those in the community. Take time to share our resources and the Gospel with those we encountered.

We had a one night revival at the church on Thursday! It was short but so incredible. There were 412 people in attendance. God is working in Haiti!

So many people attended the revival, we had to expand the transitional church. Can you imagine having to expand the church after only a couple of weeks? We were able to take the tarp sides from the 20x25 size tent we originally had and come up with a design to extend the back and the side out to a type of awning using additional tarps. The church is now expanded to 27x32 with this new design. We were also able to build some new pews and rebuild some of the old ones! Everyone was able to have a little shade and worship! What a blessing!

Another group of 3-4 helped provide medical care to many of the women we identified to work with on the Daniel project. We had an RN from GA, a paramedic from and others from NW Arkansas that went visiting and providing follow up care. We think they saw over 250 people in the visits.

We were able to complete 5 transitional houses this week. We completed the one for Benito (we will get photos from that soon), one for Roland and his family, the one for the twins and their family, one for Samuel (our bus driver) and another one for a woman in the church.

The people we had this week were very mature and so sharp. We had people from Arkansas and Georgia nostly. We have appreciated their commitment and the help they have provided in the community.

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