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Tuesday April 27,2010 Pastor Eddy and his house

Before Roy left, he was able to go to Carrefour to see Eddy's House. He says it is so badly damaged, he estimates it will cost somewhere between
$20-30,000 to repair.

Eddy is such an integral part of the Joyhouse Ministry! If you haven't met him, take a minute to look at the video on our webpage under the video photos link! You will see what a great inspiration and joy he is!

as you know, Eddy has been ill recently. He is feeling better, but still has some pretty tough days. Matthew has been ill as well. He wasn't as sick as Eddy. Eddy has had a more difficult time getting well. We ask that you continue to pray for both of them in their battle to regain their health.

Roy also went to look at Maggie's house to see what can be done there. Unfortunately, I don't have any specifics on her house at this time. I will try to tell you about that another time.

The range on the repairs is great due in part to the fluctuation of prices and availability of materials. We have a lot of local merchants we work with to purchase food and materials, so we have a pretty good idea of how to get the MOST for the money and make the best use of the time we have people here to help!

We originally priced transitional housing at about $875. At that time there were plenty of tarps. Now, we can't find tarps anywhere! Because of the rains, many of the tarps that were available have been used for existing tents/structures that are now leaking. So, we have to substitute materials. Now the cost has risen to almost $1000 per transitional house! But, like the weather, that will probably change again too!

We are used to being flexible! We have learned in Haiti not to get too attached to the first plan, because in all likelihood, it will change a few times before it becomes a reality!

We have now completed at least 4 transitional houses. It's a great feeling to know that some of the families are out of the weather and in something a little more stable.

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