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Thursday, April 29, 2010 JoyHouse Board

When you look at the devastation in Haiti, I am amazed at the unique ability Norma has to keep everything in perspective, keep her "eye on the prize" and not lose hope! She and Joe have committed constantly they will "do whatever God provides the resources to do". How they manage to hang in there and fight through the details everyday is beyond me. Personally, it can seem overwhelming. I know God is leading them and they are following. Literally, there can be no other explanation for it.

When you meet the members of the board, you see immediately this special love for the people of Haiti. Remember, this isn't just something they started after the earthquake, many of them have been coming here every year for 15-20 years. Amazing when you consider that vacations, extra income and resources have been directed towards this JoyHouse family for so long.

On the website, there are names and photos of each member of the JoyHouse board. The photos/videos page has a special video of John Rodgers shot only 3 weeks after the earthquake. You can see and hear the love John has for the Lord and for the Haitian people. We invite you to watch this video too.

Let's pray this week for the board of JoyHouse. They have sacrificed so much for the vision of creating this special place in Haiti. They certainly would never ask for this and may even be embarrassed by it, but if you know them, you know how truly special each of them are! Let's pray God will continue to bless them with strength, resources and vision to continue His work in Haiti!

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