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Friday April 16, 2010 Back in Haiti

Well, back in Haiti now. We are safe and the luggage made it fine! Thank you for the prayers.

One thing we can count on is that we can't count on anything, except God! In Texas they say "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute". In Haiti if you don't like the price, wait a minute. On second thought, don't because it will probably go up!

We arrive to find things changing! Prices are way up. Gas is being rationed! You can't buy more than a few gallons and the prices are way up. Tents are torn down or leaking! There was a storm last Friday night. It did quite a bit of damage around our compound to the tent city we had. Some of the tents blew away literally! Roland said Leogane was flooded pretty badly.

Thankfully, God has helped us get JoyHouse almost inhabitable. Either way, some of us are moving in. Norma says she barley slept last night and it was like being waterboarded. She admits she was ready to tell them whatever they wanted! Ha! God prepares us for lots of challenges in Haiti, but that wasn't really one we aniticipated!

Eddy is better. His family is back in Haiti now, so that probably helps. We got a prescription Thursday for him. It was $100. Pray for God's provision here.

We are getting everything ready for the team arriving here soon! We cut some bananas from the tree today. They were awesome! Pretty cool to eat bananas from your own tree.

Jean Claude spoke at a church in Bella Vista Arkansas and they contributed money to help build another transitional house! That donation gives us almost enough for 9 homes, plus the two we already built!

We will start on the transitional houses when the team arrives. Thank you all so much for your giving to this project.

Work is waiting, We go in Jesus Name

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