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Wednesday April 7, 2010 Prayer Requests

Eddy has been hospitalized. At this point we aren't sure what is wrong, we only know he is sick. Matthew is getting better. Roland is getting better. Those are answered prayers!

We are preparing this week to return and begin building the transitional housing! The month of April, we will be focused primarily on getting as much transitional housing in place as we have funds and workers to do.

We have completed two so far. We have raised enough for at least 5 more houses. We will begin work on the 5 as soon as we arrive. We have promises of funds for an additional 3 or 4 more. What a blessing to these families.

The rain is coming almost every day or night now. This housing provides much needed protection from the elements. It's a start, but as we all know, there is much work to do.

At the end of April, they will no longer allow any mass food dsitribution to take place in Haiti. Please pray for the Haitian government. We hope they make good decisions for the people of Haiti as they try to rebuild their country.

We ask for prayer regarding the rebuilding of the church. The church has been an important part of the community. We pray that God will provide the funds to make rebuilding possible.

We are so thankful to the TX and OK teams for the work they did getting the rubble of the church cleared so that we could even consider this. The work brought hope to the people in the community. Many people have remarked about seeing the work here and how it has inspired them to get started on their own homes.

Pray for the Daniel project. We have so much going on with this project. We have over 100 babies and mothers that are already wanting to be a part of the project. Pray for guidance as we begin the project. Pray God will provide the talent and resources for the project.

Pray for the Kid's Club coming in June! We are so excited to be able to have this team in Haiti again! We know from the work they have done before, it will be a blessing. Pray for their focus as they plan and coordinate the trip. What a great opportunity to minister to these children that have been through so much. We pray it will be a time of healing for them. We know God is working and we pray they will be instruments of God as they work with these kids.

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