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Saturday April 3, 2010

Sorry for missing a couple of days. We thought it was hard doing updates from Haiti, it seems even harder here! Ha!

A couple of quick updates. First, Matthew does have malaria. He has been very sick, but he is getting better. He had some IV fluids and meds and is responding well. We can't wait to hear his laughter again soon. He has such a contagious smile! Roland and Eddy had some sort of "bug" going around but they are both feeling better.

We had a "bake sale" in the Dallas area today that raised over $1000!! What a tremendous blessing that money will be as we prepare to return and build more transitional houses.

Many people have expressed an interest in helping fund transitional houses! We have finished two so far. One for Zet as we said in earlier blogs and another we are building for Benito and his family!

We want to thank Norma's Sunday School class! What a wonderful group of friends in Christ! They were there late to meet her at the airport. They left a wonderful "comfort" basket of goodies for her return and they have ALWAYS been so faithful in prayer! Thank you so much for your spirit, commitment and love of our Lord!!

Please continue to pray for the health of the JoyHouse team. We ask for your prayers as we prepare to return. There is so much to do and so little time!

Please continue praying for the needs of the people of Haiti. We will report soon on the salvations during the revival held this week. Pastor Eddy has been teaching and preaching as we prepare to celebrate Easter! What a wonderful story of Resurrection!! A celebration of life!
He is Risen!!!

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