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Wednesday March 31, 2010 Updates and Prayer Request

The month of March has been a hectic one! A few teams have come and gone and much has been accomplished. We are so thankful for the willingness to serve and the kind remarks by the teams that have been here!

In April the transitional housing projects will start back up. We have finished two so far. God has provided enough to do 5 more!

We will post photos of Zet's house soon. It is small but she loves it! There wasn't much room to build, but at least now she and the baby (1 yr old) are out of the rain and the open air! It's a great relief for her!

We are excited to have Gail Bright of Birmingham, AL taking on the new "Daniel Project". This is a project for new and expectant mothers and infant care. Daniel has really wanted to begin a ministry for this group, so we named the initiative, "The Daniel Project". How wonderful to begin to impact this vulnerable group!

We are committed to continue the postings here. We want to keep you updated about the progress. We would love to get the video from Living Hope on the site too. If anyone knows how to get it, please email us! The video is wonderful!! We love you guys and miss you already!

Prayer Requests:

Today Roland, Eddy and Matthew all went to the doctor. Each of them has been ill. They did some tests today, but will return tomorrow for results. As many of you know, Matthew has been very sick. Most likely it is malaria. We pray he will get what he needs, have a quick recovery and have no long term problems. Join us in praying for their health. They are so important to us and if you have had the pleasure of knowing them, we know they are important to you too!


  1. LHBC Video

  2. I see that someone already sent you the link to the LH video, but if you have any problems with it, please just let us know. Mark (who came with our first team) is a computer genius and could help you post a link on your blog or whatever you need.

    We all talk about you guys and Haiti every day. The June team is forming and anxious to get started. That video is even being used with our older AWANA girls as we seek to have them truly grasp THEIR role in missions. They will be involved in a project that will help them feel a part of the June trip. Even though they can't go with us, they need to see their role in the ministry of the body.

    We love you all,

    Melodi Henry