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Monday March 22, 2010 Living Hope Baptist Church from College Station Texas

This group was amazing! What a great group of committed Christians. It's so exciting to see, not only these people and their commitment, but the commitment from their friends, family and church family too.

Zig Ziglar says "When you see a turtle on a fencepost, you can bet he had help getting there!!" Well that's how we feel and we saw that with this group too! They had people gather for over 1.5 hours one night to pray!

How wonderful to know the people they are and the people they have surrounded themselves with! We know about surrounding yourself with great people! And even more important, surrounding yourself with prayer!

Before anyone comes to Haiti with JoyHouse, we always ask that they have at least one prayer partner to pray for them while they are in Haiti! We know how important that is. This group had many people willing to lift them up in prayer! How wonderful!!

This group of people from College Station were so sweet, kind and willing to help! They had such a love for the mission! They were not selfish or spoiled. They were there for one thing, to glorify God and work hard for the Kingdom. They did just that!!

Parents be proud of the young adults you have raised. They are among the best we have seen! We are excited to have this church sending another group later this year! We can't wait to see what God does!

This group evangelized, distributed food and worked hard every day! We are so thankful to them! We serve a great and wonderful God. Thank you to this team for everything!! It was such a joy to have you all here!!


  1. This just brought tears to my eyes in the middle of the Texas A&M computer lab! Thank you for all the kind words.. we could not have served a better group of leaders and people. Thank YOU! for the opportunity to come and be a part of Joy House. Know that we are still continually thinking and praying about Haiti and Joy House and love getting to read the updates. Daina just let me know you are all going to a baptism with Pastor Binito at 4. Praise the Lord He is SO good!!!
    Many blessings,
    Cristine Mayer

  2. It brings me GREAT JOY to hear that you were blessed by the team from our church, because that was their true desire. My husband, Mark, was there and I have continued to take in every detail he can share with me. Cristine is going to come over soon and let me pick her brain about what the kids are like so we can be praying and preparing for our trip in June!

    Melodi Henry

  3. Thank you for the continued updates! They are so encouraging, especially as we look toward the trip in June. Whether we are able to come or not, we will definitely be a part of the trip through prayer! I look forward to seeing what the Lord continues to do through JoyHouse and the beautiful people of Haiti.

    Rachel Watters