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Thursday March 18, 2010

The food distribution went really well in Gran Savon with Benito's church.
The team from College Station went to Gran Savon early and were then able to evangelize and had people saved. Not sure of the number but I think 3.

The Church is almost demoed! These guys from Oklahoma have stayed on it everyday. It is hard work but they do not complain. Many of them have said it's the hardest they have ever worked. I know they will be tired when they get home, but it will be a good tired!

I hear a lot of conversation and laughter in the other room tonight. It is a good sound. (Now you know how JoyHouse gets it's name!)

We fed 92 today with the Haitian workers, the Americans and others who are helping carry off the rubble. Thank goodness for Rice and Beans!

Some of the people in the community come to watch or even to help. We hire a few of the local workers. The only salaries we pay are for the Haitian workers. Paying the workers is very important because it give them a sense of accomplishment and hope.

The monetary donations made to JoyHouse are spent primarily in Haiti with local merchants too. This is also an important part of helping get Haiti back on it's feet. If we can get the local merchants going again, it will help to create jobs and that's good for Haiti.

We are making great progress on the Mission Center. The entire building will be enclosed by the time I go home (end of March) or at least that is the goal.

We also gave out blankets to babies made by a lady who has taken this as her project for Haiti. We are blessed by the people who have special interest and put their actions to work for the people in Haiti.

One last note, we had a question about the condition of the man from Gran Savon with Typhoid. All I know right now is that he is still in the hospital in Leogane. I will try to find out more and let you know at another update.

More later.



  1. Praise the Lord for salvations! Praise the Lord for so much work being done! Praise the Lord for feeding so many! Praise the Lord for laughter!

    Thank you again for taking time to keep us updated!

    In Christ,
    Rachel Watters

  2. What an awesome report of God's goodness!

    Melodi Henry

  3. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the entire team at Joyhouse.As I sit in a hotel in Miami after spending a week with all the amazing folks I have been so fortunate to meet and fall in love with I can sincerely say that God has given me an amazing love for the Haitian people and for Haiti!!! To Norma, Rita, Dana and all the others I love you guys and I never had a more incredible time working, sweating, ministering, and just getting to hang out with each other that I did this week even with the 2:00am crowing challenged rooster wake up calls!!!!
    God is good and I know that our paths will cross again soon!!!
    Much love,
    Melissa Engleman (LHBC Team)