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Saturday March 13, 2010 Thank You Grace Point Teens!

Copied from Grace Point Blog!

On behalf of the 600,000 homeless people in Haiti, thank you to the Youth Ministry of Grace Point Church. During their annual discipleship weekend (One Weekend), Jn. Claude was able to share his testimony about a friend who gave him $50 to help him with his personal needs because he was in Florida during the earthquake and could not return home to Haiti. He had no source of income and did not have any money at all. Instead of using the money to take care of his own needs, he sent the money to a pastor friend in Haiti to help him meet needs in his church. Jn. Claude later learned the pastor was able to feed 60 people who had nothing to eat following the earthquake!

Following John Claude's testimony, the Holy Spirit laid it on the hearts of the students to take up an offering to help build transitional shelters in Haiti. As a result, they raised over $2,000 which will build 2 shelters for families who desperately need them! Thank you Wade Bryant for being sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. By allowing the students to be obedient to God's call on their lives, He has used them to bless people who are in desperate need!

Following is an email we received from Kay's sister, Daina Kennedy who has been in Haiti for 2 weeks and is currently seeing the overwhelming needs first hand. Please prayerfully consider what she has to say and ask God how he would have you respond to the needs.

John & Kay

NOTE FROM DAINA: (currently at JoyHouse) The destruction here is massive. The poverty level was great before the earthquake but now it’s completely overwhelming. The average Haitian makes $30 a year. We have children that come to the gates of the compound we are staying in and beg for food every day. Food is hard to come by in Haiti, even for us Americans, however because we have money and transportation we are able to drive the many miles it takes to buy some food. We see UN helicopters and transports taking food to the south of us and into Port AU Prince but nothing comes to Gressier. While most of the damage was in Port AU Prince the people living in Gressier have lost their jobs or even businesses in Port AU Prince, which has left them without a source of income. That makes it very difficult for them to buy food.

The ministry that I am working with is Joy House Ministries. It was started in 1996 by Joe and Norma Patterson. They work with teenage orphans, providing shelter, income, and education. Since the earthquake the amount of Haitians that they are housing has more than doubled. For Joe and Norma it is impossible to turn them away. These boys have nowhere to go, so they are working here to help make needed repairs and in turn they are earning a small wage as well as receiving food and shelter each day. For Joy House, feeding these boys is a burden; but not taking care of them is not an option.

While being here I have experienced many aftershocks, plus the rainy season has come early for Haiti. Most, if not all Haitians affected by the quake, are living in tents or tarps. Please for one moment imagine with me what it must be like for a mom and dad living under a tarp with their babies during a rain storm. The other night I laid awake during a storm thinking of the babies that are cuddled by the moms as their dads try endlessly to keep the single 10'x10' tarp from flying away in the storm. Even as I write this, I am having problems trying not to cry. We had a medical team in last week and they saw around 1200 people. Many children were suffering from respiratory problems caused by the rain, cold, and windy nights due to improper or no shelter.

I don't beg people for money; but now that I am in Haiti and have witnessed firsthand the extreme poverty and unthinkable living conditions, I can think of no other way to help the overwhelming amount of people in need. Please, the Haitians need food, shelter, and medicine. Joy House is set up and ready to help with these things but do not have funds. Many organizations have promised large amounts of money to Joy House but have backed out or just have not sent it. Joy House is a non profit (501c3). 100% of the money donated goes to the people of Haiti. None of the money goes to Joe and Norma or for administrative costs.

Please!! go to can make a donation via credit card and pay pal.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use, also I will be here to see the benefits of your generosity.

One person can help and many can make a difference!

Serving God in Haiti,
Daina Kennedy

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