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Saturday March 27, 2010 Christain Life Center and Teen Challenge

The team from Teen Challenge and Christian life Center has been here this week. They will finish tearing down the doctor's house before they go! The mother of the young girl killed in the house had not been to the house since the quake. She was there this week to see the work.

The Doctor and his wife, are so grateful that we cared enough to help them start again. What good neighbors they said we were! They did not know what they would do,now they say they will begin to work to rebuild. Of course we are only the hands of Jesus who is supplying the funds and people. Thank you for the answered prayers to help provide this relief!

This is one example of the work here that is so important. Many Haitians are still in shock and don't know how or where to start to rebuild their homes, their lives, even their country. These teams have hit the ground running to provide a much needed "jump starts" to so many worthy communities and families! We are so grateful!

The New Life Team paid for the dump truck to haul off the debris. They also donated food to the orphanage. They have paid for some repairs to JoyHouse. They have donated around $6000 to help here! We are so thankful for all they have done to help!

Additionally, they have done many things to bless Gran Savon. We hope they will be able to go there and finish putting tents for some people before they leave.

We have been challenged much this week saying good bye to more friends. Teams have come and gone. I know I will get home and reflect on the wonder of it all. But for now, we are to busy to think.

The heat has been exhausting. We are still buying and hauling 15-5 gallons bottles of water 2 times a day, plus 10 cases of small bottles for the teams and the workers.

One young man on this team is from Dominican side of the island. His name is Byron. He speaks Creole and he is a remarkable young man. He is studying for his PHD at University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!).

Byron is planning to come back to Haiti and work with us. I have grown to love this young man as he has served tirelessly, even while sick,to make a difference. He has been a real hit with our JH team. He has spoken to me about his future and how Haiti will fits in.

Another young man, Curtis, came to me to talk. I was overwhelmed by what he had to say. These are just some of the fine young people we have been blessed to work with.

God is moving in this place.


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