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March 21, 2010 Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministries

What a great group of young men! We were so privileged to have these young men here! What a fabulous group of guys!

They are all such gentlemen, sweet, kind and so handsome! They were such low maintenance, we hardly knew they were here, (except for the tremendous amount of work they are doing). What an absolute privilege to work with this great group of guys!

2 leaders and 8 young men who answered a call from the Oklahoma Missions Board for Disaster Relief Workers to go to Haiti for Spring Break. Many of them met for the first time at the airport on their way to Haiti?.Yet, they managed to all work together so well!! Isn't God great!!

There are morew than one universities in Oklahoma represented by this group. I had the priviledge of speaking with Andrew Wade, from the group. He said that "because they were considered disaster relief they knew what their mindset needed to be, but they weren't sure what they would be doing or how they would offer relief, but that's what JoyHouse is all about right now, offering relief!"

When asked what he would take away from this experience, he replied " The people. I will be thinking about the people. They are so selfless. We can learn so much from these people."

I tried a few times to talk to Cale Freeman from the team, but we got disconnected every time. We have determined he has a "magnetic personality" because we got cut off every time!

Norma says "If you ever have any doubt or lose faith in our next generation, you need to meet these men. They will help restore your faith"!! Just like they have been restoring the faith and ministering to the people here in Haiti!! Thank you Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministries for providing such a committed group of Christain men! Know that you made a difference!! God bless all of you!! Come back soon!

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