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Sunday, March 14, 2010 **revised**

Monday we start to demo the church. The Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministry Disaster Relief Team men are so nice they are ready to work.

They had to spend the night in the airport. Their leader Denny Freeman is ready to go with hard work for the kingdom.

The College Station team are beautiful people. They sang special music for the service at Jesus Church at Santos today. Butch Smith preached on Daniel and it was awesome! "This world is not my home" was a big part of the message. It helped me to remember why I am here. He also spoke on being "convicted of having a personal relationship with Jesus" if we were on trial. The Haitians loved it.

We prayer walked today. Both groups went to the beach to cool off a bit. The heat has returned to us.

We look like tent city here on the grounds. I think we have 21 tents. It is nice to have all the Americans.

Roy and Vic are miracle workers. We had a water sisuation and I did not even have to deal with it. I am so grateful to the KING of KINGS for these 2 men. Vic leaves tomorrow. I will be sorry to see him go. Chris is leaving tomorrow also. We will miss him.

I am usually in my tent by this time but many here for showers, so I am up a little later.

We had brown beans and spam and instant mashed potatoes for Sunday lunch. Tonight, we had PB & J. The young ones liked it.

We are so grateful for those at home for thier prayers and donations. We have started laying the ground work for the transitional housing. Well, I am very tired tonight. I will write more later.



  1. I'm thrilled to read your update of the work beginning today! I know it's true that Butch brought a wonderful message yesterday, since his straight forward messages have been changing my life for 8 years, week after week. It sounds like you have a lot of hard workers ready for the week's work. You are all being prayed over and thought of constantly here.

    Melodi Henry

  2. My husband (Matt), dad (Larry) and father-in-law (Allen) are part of the College Station team. Thank you so much for your updates. It is great to hear about the work they will be doing and to read how God is working while they are there. We at home are all praying for the team, as well as for Joy House and Haiti. I'll be checking in all week :)

    Larra Palermo

  3. Norma,

    Thank you for posting updates! It is so good to see what the Lord is doing. My husband (Sherman- the tall handsome servant with blue eyes and the best smile :) is on the team from College Station. I'm definitely praying here, and am encouraged to hear what's going on while I pray. It also leads to prayer points. I pray you all have a wonderful week!


  4. Thanks so much for updating us. My husband (Allen) and my son (Matt) are there. Lifting them up in prayer. Updates help with specific ways to pray. Missing them here but so thankful they are there to do God's work.