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Monday March 29, 2010

Norma is heading home today. Please pray for her safe travel back! I know she has been missed, but the work she is doing is so important.

She had some comments about coming home:

We will be coming Home Monday 29 for a rest. I will probably not be able to sleep.I may need to set up a tent in the front yard just in case!

Being able to take a shower without waiting in line, being able to find my toothbrush, and soaking my feet may seem strange to me. I don't know if reentry training I have had will kick in. Many of the girls from College Station are still crying.

Rita is already missing the JH team. She will struggle pray for her and Daina. My challenge is much still to be done. But, even the Lord rested!!

More later.


It's a well deserved trip back home for some much needed R and R! After 9 weeks in Haiti, she has seen a lot! Somehow, she never loses her energy and enthusiasm! She has been tireless, as have the other JH team members, in their faith and love for Haiti and their desire to serve God by ministering to these people!

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