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Monday March 15, 2010 Construction Update

Well, midway through the day and Norma says "what an amazing group of people"! Who knew that Texas and Oklahoma could work so well together! About one third of the church has been demo'd so far! That is great progress! The water tank for the kitchen is progressing well too. There is also work repairing the damage inside JoyHouse in preparation for teams arriving throughout the summer.

The Oklahoma group with Denny Freeman and Charles Lillard from Baptist Collegiate Ministry in OKC is a group of ten strong Christian men. We know many of you are watching and tracking their progress and we want you to know they are really doing a great job! They have been a huge help in the construction projects so far.

The Texas group from Living Hope Baptist Church in College Station Texas aren't slackers either! Butch Smith and the group he is with have jumped in and they are working hard to help with these important projects too! We have another group from this church coming later in the summer! We are so thankful for them and their willingness to serve in Haiti during this difficult time!

Many Americans are so surprised at the Haitian ingenuity! If you have ever been, you know how cool it is to watch the way they work construction and are often able make something from almost nothing! It's truly a learning experience for most of the Americans. I'm told they are watching some of it in amazement today too! No matter how they make it look, the work is very hard. We know it takes real commitment and a servant's heart to be in Haiti, even in good times!

I am hearing they look like their own tent city with over 21 tents right now! I know with the 20 Haitian workers, 20 JoyHouse people and 31 Americans, they are certainly busy around JoyHouse today!


  1. We are gathering some people in College Station, late Tuesday night to pray for you all & the teams there serving. Please update your blog, if possible, with some specific points you'd like us to pray through.


  2. I am so excited to read about the progress being made. My husband (Larry) and son-in-law (Matt) are there working with the College Station team. We are home praying for much success on such a short mission. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. May God multiply the work efforts being done and the salvation of many souls. May God be with you all.


  3. My husband(Mark) is also on the College Station team and this blog is a true blessing to those of us praying at home and anxiously awaiting word of how the Lord is working there! I will be coming in June and am so excited I can hardly stand it! I know our team well and know that they must be enjoying working alongside the OK team and the Haitian people. You are blessing THEM by allowing them to serve. I know the week will go too quickly for them and they'll be sad to leave. We're all praying for you here and will continue long after the team has left.