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Tuesday March 2, 2010 The Medical Team

The past two days have been more than busy as the medical clinic set up at Joy House to minister to the people of Gressier. Monday, they were able to treat 340 people, taking the time to pray with many and leading 3 to Christ. Today, they saw people with even more serious needs than yesterday. The medical team, along with Jason, Kerrie, Daina & Rita took some time today to go to House of Hope Orphanage to visit Alice and the kids. As a part of this visit, each child was able to get a check-up...what a blessing to Alice and the kids!!!

Continue to pray for everyone working at Joy House that they will stay healthy and will have strength as they treat so many people with so many different needs. Remember to pray for strength and good health for Norma as she has been in Haiti for several weeks and will stay for several more to come.

Communication has still be difficult, so keep praying for improvements in this area as well.

John & Kay (copied from the Grace Point Blog)

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