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Wednesday March 17, 2010

The first day of food distribution went well. Many of the Joyhouse team said it was a very good thing that we did. We had several show up without tickets, but they did not cause any problem when they saw it was ticket only.

Jeri Lane's little girl she sponsors came for her family. Ticket in hand, smiling ear to ear. She hardly ever smiled before Jeri got involved in her life.

We go to Gran Savon today. Pray for all to go well there. Friday the College Station team will go to Carrefour and do a lot of one on one with Haitians. Pray for us.

I noticed there's not much chatter and singing at night after we get in our tents like before. Everyone is totally exhausted! But the faces still reflect the Joy of it all.

Ron Harris' Teen Challenge team will be here tomorrow. Pray for the addition of 24 more people for one evening. It's goign to be crowded! Joe Patterson will be arriving with them. Then, the next day the College Station team will leave.

Hot dogs for supper last night! They were a big Hit!

We have many things happening in construction. The church is almost cleared!! I can't really believe what God has done. Thank you teams!!!

The people around the area come to watch everyday. This is a good thing, because it will encourage them to move forward.

More later,

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  1. Thank you for the frequent updates! We'll be praying for the one-on-one witnessing!

    Melodi Henry