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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Food and Water Update

We are so thankful to the team from Living Hope Baptist Church in College Station, Texas!! They brought money to purchase $3000 worth of food to distribute to the people in Jesus Church of Santos and for Benito's church members.

Reginald and Benito, the pastors for these two churches, have worked for days to get tickets to the most needy in the churches. How exciting to be able to help meet this tremendous need! Many of these people are so hungry. It's beyond description! Even in this despair, we know God is working to help meet the needs of these good and faithful people!

Reginald and Benito have been working hard to find beans and rice to buy! They already brought in 3 trucks worth and went back out again. Many times, buying anything in quantity means buying from several places. Most places will have only a small amount or will want a higher price if they see you want to buy too much! Pray they will be able to get good availability and make each dollar go a long way!!

The bathroom for Benito's church is now being used. There is a little more work to be done, but it is usable. Norma said that many people have walked a long way just to say thank you for this facility. We knew it would meet a serious need in that area! We are so grateful to the people who helped with this project!

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