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Wednesday Am #2 March 3, 2010 More Updates

After a brief conversation, I was able to get a few more details of what is happening at JoyHouse this week. As many of you know, there is a medical team from Birmingham, AL churches on site this week. Thank God for this team and their commitment to treating the people of the community.

They have treated MANY patients (see earlier posts). The total the first two days approaching 700!! They have many illness that are being exacerbated and accelerated by the living conditions. The dust from the cement, living on the dirt, being in the rain, all of these things and more are combining to make the women and children very vulnerable and many are very sick.

They saw several babies, literally breathing life back into them with breathing treatments. These babies were sick almost to the point of death. The pneumonia is very bad among the babies. There are many cases of dehydration and malnutrition among the young mothers and babies.

There is tremendous need here! I cannot stress enough the need for a plan and the resources to start some kind of young mother programs. These young women need to be counselled and educated in self esteem, hygiene, pre natal care. They need to have resources for taking care of themselves and the baby at least until the baby reaches 18 months.

The team has treated many mothers dying of AIDS and other with sexually transmitted diseases. Pray that God will provide the people and the resources to begin to meet this tremendous need. The living conditions have made these young women and children even more vulnerable. This problem, absent some real solutions, will continue to get worse. Pray for resources to help this growing concern!

Yesterday, they treated a man dying from a severe throat infection. They were able to get him to Leogane to the hospital for surgery, saving his life. Praise to God for this team and their commitment to go and serve Him in this way!

There are 25 tents on the JoyHouse compound! What a site that must be. They have some on the roof and many on the ground. There are still several tremors everyday! Some of them have been a bit bigger lately. I'm sure that makes it exciting for the people sleeping on the roof!

Pray for the the continued health and safety of the team! Pray for resources!! God knows the need. God knows the work that is being done here. Pray for teams to continue to be willing to come and give of themselves and their time and resources to serve! Lastly, pray for the communications issues. It's tough to only get a call every 3-4 days. I know it's hard for Norma and Joe. Hopefully, the internet will be restored soon and we will at least have some e-mail!

Let me say lastly, thank you to the people reading this blog. Thank you for your prayers and support. It is appreciated and received during these times. We don't say it often enough! We take you with us when we go! We hope God is truly blessing you with these updates and the support you are helping to provide through your prayers and contributions to the JoyHouse ministry!!

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