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Friday March 5, 2010 PM post

The internet is back up! Thank you for answered prayers there! Very grateful to Jason for helping get the communication up again!

We saw 1150 patients in 4 days with the medical mission team. There were salvations in 30-40 people, we don't have an exact number from the records yet. Although we saw many sad things, we were able to do a lot of spiritual counseling and prayed with many people.

Overall,We had no problems with the medical mission, even with many people waiting in the hot sun to see the doctors. We felt blessed to have the team we had. Thank you to this team again for giving of their time and talents! Although, thank you hardly seems like enough for these wonderful professionals!

There has been lots of rain at night. We wish it could just hold off for a while. We felt some fairly large tremors today.

Joe, Jason and Kerri leave tomorrow. We have a hard week ahead. Another team will arrive Saturday from OK Disaster Relief. Each team has made it pretty well so far. Pray we can make it as well with the next 3 teams.

Please pray for me to have patience without Joe to make all the decisions I have to make about the construction.



  1. Norma,

    Our family is thinking and praying for you every day. I really miss you here in Arkansas but I know you are in the center of God's will.

    Julie Harris

  2. Norma, I think about all of you many times during each day. How are things going with the construction team? I am praying for you and everyone that I met connected with Joy House. May God strengthen and protect you, and to God be the glory.

    Rhonda Powell