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Wednesday April 28, 2010, Transitional Housing Update

The house on the hill is across the way in front of JoyHouse. There were 4 deaths here. One body is still inside the house. This is all too common in the damaged areas of Haiti.

The rains coming now are the biggest concern. The greatest fear now is of disease now because of the living conditions.

This makes the transitional housing more important than ever. We have funds to complete about 7-8 of these transitional homes. Thanks to the many people that are supporting the ministry and the wonderful teams coming to Haiti, we have been able to help build transitional housing for 4 families.

We had a visit from a group early last week. They were amazed that we had already completed so many of the transitional houses. They have had assistance from some MUCH bigger organizations. They expressed some interest in working with us on transitional housing. It's hard not to be excited about the prospect of being able to provide more transitional housing for people in such desperate need. Join us in prayer about this. We want to trust God's leading as we always have in these matters.

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