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Friday, June 18, 2010


God is doing great things in Haiti...He is so good! Arriving in Port Au Prince, throughout our drive and as we have been in and around Gressier, we have seen a greater sense of hope. The destruction is still very real, but the path to rebuilding seems to be more evident. Kristen and I have been enjoying every moment here, working with teams, getting to know the Haitians and everything in between. We hope you are preparing prayerfully and getting excited for the 19-26! The JoyHouse team is very excited for the "Texsa team" to be back. In fact, Matthew was asking about "Pastor Butch" the other day...I think they've missed him!

Kristen and I have been working a lot with Daniel on his project, which is taking care of women and babies in Haiti. It is a hard sight to see the malnutrition that sweeps the hills, but Daniel is able to show them Christ's compassion through seeing them and taking special time to care for each one. On that note, if any of you have access to women's or kids vitamins, or any sort of baby/ children's medicine (we've seen a lot of fevers and coughs). I know that is something he was prescribing pretty frequently. It could be a great blessing to him!

Yesterday we started the women's ministry and are excited and encouraged by how eager they are to share and learrn! We also registered kids for the kids cllub and got OVER 300 from Grand Savone and Gressier alone! We will most likely register again tomorrow...

I'll leave you with a verse from a song we heard the other day that has been very meaningful to us, its called "compassion hymn." I'd encourage you all to listen if you get a chance. it truly painted such a vivid picture of Christ's mercy and the call we have to share that compassion He has shown us to those without hope.

"How beautiful the feet that carry
The gospel of peace
To the fields of injustice
and the valley of need-
To be a voice of hope and healing,
to answer the cries.
Of the hungry and helpless
with the mercy of Christ

What boundless love
what fathomless grace
You have shown us,
O God of compassion!
Each day we live
an offering of praise
As we show to the world
Your compassion"

In Christ's abounding love,
Cristine and Kristen.

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