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Wednesday June 9, 2010

What an amazing week it has been! (written last week)

Lots of new and exciting things have been going on at JoyHouse this week!

The team from FIrst Baptist Springdale has been busy at work putting together temporary housing.They get up early and work dilligently. What a blessing those houses are! Pastor Ryan led a great lesson Sunday at church and the team had a great skit to go along with it. The entire team went out today around 6 am to work on houses so that they would have time to go to the tent cities to evangilize (which is where they are now). In their past days of evangilism they have already seen many decisions for Christ!

Yesterday we registered children for the kids club that the Living Hope team will be putting on the 21-24 of June. We registered over 300 children alone in Grand Savone and Gressier at Pastor Benito and Pastor Reginald's churches. The kids seem very excited and we are looking forward to registering more this week!

Kristen and Cristine from the Texas team have been working with Daniel on "the Daniel project." They have gotten to see many babies and mothers, and what a true need it is for them to receive proper nutrition and care It seems the word has n out about Danie's project as many times the mothers will come to him when he is isut and helping other moms! Gail Bright should be very proud and excited to see how it has grown. We have received so much support and supplies from the states. Many diapers, vitamins and medicine, all of which are being used heavily. What a blessing it is to those mothers when Daniel is able to treat their baby and then present them with a new set of clothes!

Yesterday we also began women's ministry. We are focusing on the Titus 2 model of teaching and leading the older women so that they may be able to teach the younger women. We were very excited to see how eager they are to learn. Maggie and Rosemary were great examples yesterday as they helped the younger women work on their embroidery.

Donisha is very excited to be sarting a community garden project, her and Norma spent quite a while today looking ffor seeds, but came back successful!

Cheryl Thomas has already collected several wedding dresses and suits to start the "joyful weddings" project. This is soemthing that will really bless the members of the church, and be a beginning to finding a solution to the unwed mothers in Haiti.

Sunday night we had a torrential downpour that sent a stream of rushing water down the stairs. It flooded the girls' room and under the stairs but the teams worked well to get it all mopped up. Hopefully it is fixed and the next torrential downpour will not mean another flood!

All those at home can be very proud of the energetic and hard-working team from Northwest Arkansas! What a blessing!


  1. I'm am incredibly envious I am not with the Texas team again this second time!!! I miss y'all, Joy House, and all of the members of the community there!! I'll be praying for all of y'all!! Tell Matieu "le fran├žais dit bonjour!!" for me please!!! :D

    God Bless!!
    Neal Spencer

  2. When I heard that 300 kids had been registered on just the first day, I was so excited!!! We are finishing the VBS at Living Hope tomorrow and it has been an incredible week. I realized today how quickly our departure date for Haiti is coming and I just screamed! My oldest daughter, Brynn, is coming with us and she works for a doctor here in Texas. She is going to check on the vitamins and meds you're needing for the children. If they have any available, I know the doctor will be thrilled to send them with us.

    Looking forward to meeting you all in person and hugging my sweet Kristen and Cristine!

    Melodi Henry