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February 16, 2010 Temporary Housing

OK, we have some preliminary estimates as to what it will take to provide some temporary shelter. Here is a material list:

8-4x8 plywood
20-3x5 tin
5-3x16 tin
whatever Material we can find for sides

Basically, we are talking about putting together a small shelter that will keep people out of the rain, and keep whatever small amount of belongings they have dry. With the rainy season around the corner, this is very important. After the rainy season comes hurricane season. If we can get a few of these together, it will help alleviate some of the suffering!

I think they were talking about concrete floors, but I don't see that mentioned here. I am checking to get further information. The cost estimate is about $875 per shelter. Please consider making a donation towards this effort. It is critical we get some of these shelters built and get these families out of the rain! It is just devastating to the morale when the few things you do own are soaked and you have no place for your family to shelter from these storms!

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