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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Benito has service from 7-12pm every night. Last night a girl came from a long way. At 11:30pm she accepted Christ. She shared that something inside of her drew her to the meeting. They encouraged her to get in a good church at her home village and to share her faith. She said she would.

Today, we had a young man and a woman accept Christ in our service. Eddy had 5 in his church and Benito had 8 in the prayer meeting.

Matthew talked with a young man today after church who was struggling with the service and sermon. I heard them because they were speaking English (how strange).

I could tell the young man was thinking he should get to heaven because his mother was a good person. Matthew brought him to me. I told him what mattered was what he believed. I shared the gospel with him and he said he believed all of it. I am not sure what his battle is, but pray for him.

We took communion today and they sang "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus". It was powerful.

Today was a peaceful day. I saw Princess and the family tried to get them to stay here but they feel they need to be by their home. They do not want to stay inside anywhere. Pray for us.

We Go in Jesus Name,

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