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Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's an example of what a temporary shelter could look like. This is actually better than most of the places people are living. It's also better than what we plan to build, but clearly this person got access to some materials (doors, etc..) Most are still under sheets or if they are lucky tarps. I saw very few actual tents outside Port Au Prince.

If you notice, this one is in a field. You can see that this "home" takes up room where crops might have been growing! You see that a lot now. This results in making a bad situation worse. That's one reason the push is on now to clear rubble and build back temporary shelters in the same areas.

Joe and a few others arrive today! That will be a blessing. We have a medical team that arrives on Sunday and we hope to start seeing some of the local residents that haven't had access to medical care.

God continues to work in the lives of these amazingly resilient people! We are still seeing people come to God. The spirit here remains hopeful and positive. The laughter has returned to JoyHouse!

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