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January 30, 2010 Angels Everywhere!

Miami Airport

The trip started late the evening of January 30, when we realized the snow and ice could prevent flying out of Arkansas, so we drove all night to the Dallas area. 6 hours of driving on ice, 1.5 hours sleep and and quick shower and we were on our way to the airport. After MANY issues finding the right place, we were sent ANOTHER angel from American Airlines that helped us get ALL our bags on the plane and make our flight. As we walked away, we saw her praying over our bags! There are angels everywhere!

Finally arriving in Santo Domingo about 20 minutes early, we only had one more leg to complete! Now, we are stuck on the tarmack while they find a gate. About 1:40 min later, we finally get off the plane! While we are standing in line to clear immigration, a young lady asks if we are going to Haiti, we say "yes"! She hands us $40 and says to use it on whatever! We say "we will" and thank her! There are angels everywhere!
Now, we hold our breath that all the bags make it. We need every single ounce of baggage! Only two bags missing, on to the hotel. We had hoped to get some additional supplies and fill up the bus, but it's so late, we cannot do that. We arrive at the hotel, check in and agree to meet at 5 am for departure. about 3 hours sleep and the last hot shower for awhile and we are off!