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February 18, 2010 Rain, Rain Go Away!

It rained very hard last night. Everyone was talking about it this morning. The road was so wet we could not get the bus up the hill today. The rain was so hard last night Benitto and his wife had to sit in chairs to sleep. The challenges here are impossible without the super natural power of the Great I Am.

Today, workers are all over the place drilling mixing cement,and cleaning up debris. We are working on the temporary Clinic now. We hope to see 60-100 people a day. There has been little or no medical care for this community even now, so many days after the earthquake.

In church Benitto had 2 more men who have been saved. Reginald will hold new member class starting tomorrow. We will baptize in both churches next week.

The greatest need now is for food. We feed over 50 rice and beans everyday. That is all we can do right now.

Wayne will go today to Benitto's church and mend the roof so they will feel safe to meet inside again. This is a huge need. They also need a bathroom at the church. Our plan is to put in a bathroom when Roy and Vic arrive.

We hope soon we will have the means to start some temporary housing projects. Remember, estimates for each family for a temporary shelter is about $875-$900. Prayerfully, consider raising the amount for a shelter with family, friends, church, etc... These shelters will become increasingly important as the rainy season draws near!

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