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Thursday February 25, 2010

Kindergarten destroyed near Leogane

Well, we did get some answers about food. Yesterday there was an incident in Gressier. The people of the town blocked a UN convoy that was going to distribute food. For some unknown reason, they had been distributing food in Gressier for the residents of Leogane, but none to Gressier people.

As you can imagine, this caused an issue! Well, now it seems people may be a little more aware of the needs here in Gressier. We got on the "list" as the ONLY NGO (non Government operation) in Gressier now. This is usually how faith based initiatives such as ours are classified.

This means that someone, somewhere will now know that we exist and possibly if they deem it appropriate, we will be contacted about what the needs are and how they can assist. A little vague, not a commitment, so off we go to buy some food for these people. We need a commitment!

It isn't clear, but it seems they were operating under the premise that Gressier (estimates of 50% damaged) was doing ok. Leogane (damage estimates at 90%) was really getting most of their attention. I don't know if we changed that, but there is certainly GREAT need here and in some of the more remote areas. We are currently most concerned about the people of Gran Savon.

The markets have opened back up in many places, but you need money to buy the food. Most of the businesses are still damaged or closed. So, if you were lucky enough to have a job, the business is probably not open. If you farmed before, your field might be overrun now with a tent city or even your family living there instead of close to any buildings or on top of the rubble from your former home. So, it isn't as simple as just going to buy food. We are still a long way from the where Haitians were BEFORE the earthquake.

Pray that we will have an opportunity to direct some food to the people in these areas. No matter how much we want to, we don't have the resources to feed the 35,000 of Gressier or at least 3,000- 5,000 more in Gran Savon. We desperately need help.

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