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Saturday February 20, 2010

Friday Wayne left to go back to states. We thank God for all he did. There is much to do yet.
I woke up thinking I would have the deep desire to be home with Joe and feeling sorry for myself because everyone was gone now. But the Lord gave me a great morning!

I woke to the enchanting morning sounds of Haiti. God called me to these people with the enchantment of the Haiti Morning. Today was such a morning, but with a twist. The sounds of the morning were interrupted with helicopters flying over. What a reminder Haiti will never be the same.

Most Haitians are very hopeful of a great future for the country. I am hopeful too. Many believe God has spoken and it is time to listen. Others say it was Satan loosing his grip here.

The prayer I breathed this morning was Lord, please don't let the outside that has invaded this simple culture take away the grace and gentleness of this wonderful people.


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