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Wednesday, February 24, 2020

First, let me apologize for not updating sooner. I am going to try to catch up. The internet has been down for several days, so we have had only phone conversations about what is happening. Today we want to find out what we have to do to get some food for the people of our community.
There has been little or no assistance for anyone in the Gressier area. Not only has there been no food, but there haven't been any medical personnel, except for us in the area either. We are really puzzled as to why there has been no help here! The need is so great!

The plan is to go to the troops in Leogane and see how we can get some of our people these much needed supplies. It's really something that is getting to a bit of a boiling point here. We have been providing food, but we have limited funds and resources. Hopefully, we can get to the right people and change this situation.

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